Sneakers and Setta (Japanese sandals) combined! Stylish and cool, these sandals are sure to stand out in the city!

Japanese sandals, Setta, and sneakers are combined to create cool shoes for town use! On sale from May 19th! Only available in Nagoya!

*Setta sandals are similar to beach sandals, but they are one of the traditional Japanese footwear. They were originally made with plants and were worn with the heel slightly sticking out. Walking was considered cool. Also, unlike flip-flops, the thong is positioned in the middle, and you wear it with your little finger sticking out so as not to step on the kimono.

Setta x Sneakers “UNDA”

Product design unit Goemon’s icon model “unda” is a pair of shoes born from the concept of Japanese tradition and the latest technology. It features a unique design that combines setta sandals and sneakers, and a sneaker sole that makes you feel as if you are walking on clouds.

unda -TOUGH Black- 23,100 yen

“TSUKI 2.0” updated with tough nylon material

In this special order, “unda -TSUKI 2.0-“, which features a highly transparent all-clear midsole with the image of “outer space”, is inline with a uniquely developed fabric woven with 100% nylon thread. Adopted the fabric of the popular model “TOUGH”. While reproducing the texture of the standard model, we have completed a pair with toughness that can be used in the outdoor scene.

unda -TOUGH Sumi- 23,100 yen

The rough and tightly woven nylon fabric creates a sophisticated atmosphere on your feet, while the moderate sheen adds a mature elegance that is typical of Edifice. In addition, by adding a moderate unevenness to the insole, durability and fitting are improved.

As for the color, “TOUGH Sumi” which unified the sole and foot head in black, and “TOUGH Black” which has a refreshing texture like spring and summer are available.

3 new sizes, added to popular colors

In addition, these new products are also available in S and L sizes, which are the first shoes based on “TSUKI” with clear soles. Two popular models, the brown color “FUKUROU” and the gray color “OKAMI”, will also reappear with new sizes added.

unda -FUKUROU- 23,100 yen



【Release Date】 Friday, May 19, 2023
【Store】 Bay Cruise Nagoya Store, Bay Cruise Online Store, Goemon Online Store
【Item & Price】
・unda -TOUGH Sumi- 23,100 yen
・unda -TOUGH Black- 23,100 yen
・unda -FUKUROU- 23,100 yen
【Official Website】