Snoopy-themed “Peanuts Cafe” finally opens in Osaka!

Snoopy-themed cafe “PEANUTS Cafe” opens its first store in Osaka. Peanuts Cafe Osaka will open in Lalaport EXPOCITY in the spring of 2022.

Popular “Peanuts Cafe” in Osaka!

Peanuts Café is a popular café based on the theme of the West Coast of the U.S.A., which is associated with the “Peanuts” comic book series featuring Snoopy. The opening of a new business model, “PEANUTS Cafe SUNNY SIDE kitchen,” in Harajuku has also attracted attention.

This is the first Peanuts Café to open in Osaka in conjunction with the renovation of Lalaport EXPOCITY. At Peanuts Cafe Osaka, customers can enjoy a cute menu in a pleasant space adjacent to the Expo Commemorative Park, which is filled with colorful flowers and greenery. Recommended menu items include Snoopy’s favorite pizza and a colorful vegetable deli inspired by Snoopy’s unique friends. A take-out menu is also available, so a picnic in the park is also recommended.

The café also has a merchandise corner that is perfect for souvenirs. In addition to tableware and snacks, the café also sells goods designed exclusively for the Osaka store, a must-see for fans.


Peanuts Cafe Osaka

【Opening Date】 Spring 2022
【Place】 Lala port EXPOCITY
【Address】 2-1 Senri Banpaku Koen, Suita City, Osaka, Japan

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