Snoopy’s face-shaped pancake!? Why don’t you have a cute and exciting experience in Tokyo?


The Snoopy-themed cafe “PEANUTS Cafe SUNNY SIDE kitchen” in With Harajuku, Tokyo, has reopened on February 16, 2023 (Thursday).

“Peanuts Cafe Sunny Side Kitchen” Renewal Open

“Peanuts Cafe Sunny Side Kitchen” is a cafe with the theme of the world view of the comic “Peanuts” in which Snoopy appears. You can enjoy a wonderful time that will make your day happy in the store where the refreshing sunlight shines.

Introducing 5 concept rooms

Such “Peanuts Cafe Sunny Side Kitchen” is reopened after renovation. The number of seats will be increased from 50 to 94, and the outfit will be reborn.

In the new store, we have prepared a fully reserved concept room with the five themes of “FRIEND, LOVE, EAT, LIFE, HAPPINESS”. In the concept room, scenes from “Peanuts” by age are drawn according to the theme, so choose your favorite.

“LOVE” “I wonder if I can be this stupid when I’m in love.” *The actual design may differ.

Concept room limited afternoon tea plan

Also, pay attention to the afternoon tea plan that can be enjoyed only in the concept room. With the theme of a fun tea party with Snoopy and his friends, we have prepared a menu that fans will love, such as affogato with ice cream, Snoopy’s favorite food, and mini desserts inspired by the Peanuts Gang.

Afternoon tea plan 6,050 yen/person *Reservation required 2 days in advance *The image is an image for 2 people.

Snoopy & Charlie Brown pancakes

You can choose from two types of fluffy pancakes with Snoopy and Charlie Brown faces. Snoopy is decorated with soy milk whipped cream and two kinds of berries, and Charlie Brown is decorated with refreshing passion mango cream.

Anniversary plan to celebrate with “Snoopy cake”

There will also be an anniversary plan that includes a Snoopy cake and an original mug from Peanuts Cafe Sunnyside Kitchen. If you celebrate your birthday with a cake so pretty that it’s a waste to eat it, you’ll be able to spend a special time.

Anniversary plan (with novelty) 5,500 yen *Reservation required 2 days in advance

The grand menu has also been renewed.

In addition, there are menus such as cute sundaes inspired by Snoopy’s friends, hearty French toast and open toast.


Peanuts Cafe Sunnyside Kitchen

【Renewal opening date】 Thursday, February 16, 2023
*Online reservation acceptance starts from February 10 (Friday).
*Reservations by phone are for 6 or more people only.
・Afternoon tea plan 6,050 yen/person *Reservation required 2 days in advance
・Anniversary plan (with novelty) 5,500 yen *Reservation required 2 days in advance

■ Peanuts Cafe Sunnyside Kitchen
【Location】 With Harajuku
【Address】 B2F, 1-14-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
【Hour】 9:00-21:30 (L.O. 20:30) *Business hours are subject to change.
【Phone】 03-6434-0046
【Official Website】