So Cute!! The first official brand book of pino will be released with a pouch in the shape of the popular ice cream “pino”.

The first official brand book of Morinaga Milk Industry’s popular ice cream “Pino”, “pino 45 th anniversary book”, will go on sale at bookstores on February 17, 2022 (Thursday). The Seven-Eleven edition will be available from February 14 (Mon).

A Playback of the History of pino.

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the birth of Pino, the brand’s first official book has finally been released. The book covers the history of Pino, introduces over 80 flavors that have been released in the past, and introduces original recipes using Pino. The magazine also introduces more than 80 past flavors and original recipes using Pino, giving readers a fresh look at the appeal of Pino, which they have been familiar with since childhood.

Comes with a realistic “Pino” pouch!

The main feature of this product is the limited edition multi-pouch, which features the familiar Pinot package design. In addition to its cute design, the pouch has nine pockets for storage, making it ideal for a variety of uses, such as a cosmetic pouch, travel accessory case, or gadget case.

Seven-Eleven edition limited edition pouches are also available.

The Seven-Eleven version, which will go on sale first, will feature a specially designed pouch that recreates the packaging of the product when it was first released in 1976, as well as the packaging of the first ever Pino “strawberry” flavor. The zipper pull is decorated with a “Pino”-shaped charm, and the attention to detail in the design is noteworthy.


”pino 45th anniversary book”

【Release Date】 Feb. 17 (Thu), 2022
【Price】 1,969 yen
【Store】 National bookstores and online bookstores
*The Seven Net Shopping and Seven-Eleven editions will go on sale on February 14 (Mon.).

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