So cute! Too cute! Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice has collaborated with Minion!

Samantha Thavasa Petit Choic has collaborated with Minion for the first time. Samantha Thavasa Petit Choic has collaborated with Minion for the first time and started selling bags and accessories at Samantha Thavasa Petit Choic stores and other stores from July 7, 2021 (Wed).

Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice has collaborated for the first time with the “mysterious creature” Minion, who became popular in the movies “Despicable Me 3D” and “Despicable Me 2”. The “Minion x Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice” collection will feature bags, pouches, wallets, and other items based on the motifs of the popular characters, with Bob Kevin Stuart at the center.

Pouch with three-dimensional “Bob” design

The Bob-designed pouches and multi-cases have a charming three-dimensional patchwork expression of Bob. The pouches have interior divider pockets and side pockets for easy sorting of small items, making them smart to use.

Bob pouch 9,900 yen
Bob multi-case 9,350 yen

The wallet is stamped with the Minions.

Also noteworthy is the series of wallets and passcases packed with the pop and lively world of the Minions. The pale yellow color is reminiscent of the Minions’ favorite banana, and the Minions are stamped on it. In the center, Bob’s goggles and a banana are decorated with points. The lining has a total pattern design, making it a cute specification that Minion lovers can’t resist.

Round zip long wallet 20,900 yen
L-zip folded wallets 18,700 yen
Passcases 13,200 yen

“Bags and Pouches Made of Fluffy Material “Tim

The “Fluffy” shoulder bag is made in the image of Tim, the stuffed bear that Bob carries around with him, and its cuteness will make your heart skip a beat. It’s a miniature size that can hold a lipstick, accessories, and coins, so you can coordinate it like an accessory.

In addition, backpacks and pouches are also available from the Tim series made of fuzzy materials. These adorable designs are sure to make your everyday life happy, so be sure to check them out.

Tim Design miniature shoulder bag with mini-mouthpiece: 8,250 yen
Tim Design zipper charm: 3,850 yen
Tim design backpack, 17,600 yen
Tim design pouch, 9,900 yen


minion × Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice

【Release Date】 Jul 7 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice stores, official online stores, ZOZO, etc.