Some ice cream info! New crispy sandwiches from Häagen-Dazs! Yukimi Daifuku and Lotte’s Mona-Oh are collaborating with Hattendo!


The rainy season has arrived…. And it’s getting hotter little by little, so the gloomy season is here. So, to make you feel a little better… I’ve put together some ice cream information for you!

Collaboration of “Yukimi Daifuku” and Hattendo

Lotte’s popular ice cream “Yukimi Daifuku” has collaborated with “Hattendo”, a company popular for its creamy bread. The collaboration will be called “Yukimi Daifuku Hattendo Custard Cream Flavor” and will go on sale nationwide from May 17 (Mon), 2021.

Yukimi Daifuku Hattendo Custard Kurimu Flavor” is an ice cream that recreates the flavor of Hattendo’s famous Kurimu bread. The most distinctive feature of this product is the rich custard ice cream with a thick custard cream in the center. For the finishing touch, the ice cream is wrapped in Yukimi Daifuku’s famous “mochi mochi” rice cakes, so you can enjoy the gentle texture and rich custard flavor at the same time.

198 yen (tax included)

Mona-Oh also collaborated with Hattendo!

A new addition to Lotte’s “Mona-Oh” ice cream series, “Mona-Oh: Hattendo Supervised Custard Flavor,” will go on sale nationwide on Monday, May 24, 2021.

Hattendo, a popular kurimu bread specialty store, was founded in Hiroshima in 1933 and now has stores all over Japan. The “Mona-Oh: Hattendo’s Custard Flavor” is the newest addition to Lotte’s long-selling “Mona-Oh” series, and is a monaka-type ice cream that combines custard ice cream supervised by Hattendo with a moist monaka.

The custard ice cream, which is the cornerstone of the flavor, was inspired by the image of “Hattendo”‘s famous cream buns. The custard ice cream has a light sweetness, and the monaka is a simple yet perfect harmony of the two.

151 yen (tax included)

Häagen-Dazs’ new crispy sandwiches are milk coffee flavored!

The new ice cream from Häagen-Dazs, Crispy Sandwich “Fragrant Milk Coffee,” will be available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and department stores nationwide from June 15 (Tuesday), 2021.

Häagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwiches “Fragrant Spreading Milk Coffee” is a new ice cream that fills your mouth with the rich aroma of coffee and the richness of milk the moment you bite into it. The milk coffee ice cream is a combination of milk and coffee oil, coated with crispy coffee chocolate, and sandwiched between coffee wafers.

You can enjoy the harmony of Häagen-Dazs’ unique rich milk ice cream, bittersweet coffee flavor, and crispy wafer texture.

319 yen (Tax included)


■ Yukimi Daifuku “Hattendo Custard Cream Flavor” 94ml (47ml x 2 pcs)
【Release Date】 May 17 (Mon), 2021
【Price】 198 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Supermarkets, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, etc. throughout Japan

■ “Mona-Oh, Hattendo’s custard flavor.
【Release Date】 May 24 (Mon), 2021
【Price】 151 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Supermarkets, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, etc. throughout Japan

■ Crispy Sandwiches Aroma-Expanding Milk Coffee 60ml
【Release Date】 Jun 15 (Tue), 2021
【Price】 319 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Supermarkets, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, etc. throughout Japan