Special fascinating strawberry sweets is now on sale! Must eat and have a happy time!


“Amaou (Special strawberry brand name) Sweets Fair” will be held at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo, Makuhari and Osaka. Until March 31, 2023 (Friday), we will offer three types of limited sweets: pancakes, French toast, and parfaits using “Hakata Amaou”, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

This time we will introduce 3 types of suits, but there are also buffets and afternoon teas at this fair!

Hotel New Otani’s “Amaou Sweets Fair”

“Amaou Pancake”

Of particular note is the Amaou pancake, which is a combination of fresh Hakata Amaou fruit, jelly, and macaroons. It is a special pancake based on the “Hotel New Otani Special Pancake” that has been improved and evolved over the 12 years since its birth.

“Amaou pancake” 3,520 yen *Service charge not included

The dough is a blend of 3 types of Italian ricotta, cream cheese, and mascarpone cheese, and is slowly baked at a low temperature for 6 minutes to achieve an extremely fluffy texture. You can enjoy two types of pancakes, one with soymilk ganache and soymilk butter, and the other with caramelized surface. The addition of black honey yokan adds a subtle Japanese flavor.

“Amaou Brioche French Toast”

The special French toast, which is made with orange-scented Western liquor and wasanbon added as a secret ingredient, is also available for a limited time with a strawberry flavor. Homemade brioche soaked in rich Hachijojima jersey milk, French honey, and almond milk for pouring is baked to a “crunchy and fluffy” texture, and the surface is caramelized to finish. Like the pancakes, it is a reward sweet unique to Hotel New Otani, with 5 grains of “Hakata Amaou”.

“Amaou Brioche French Toast” 3,520 yen *Service charge not included

“Amaou Parfait”

The last item on our list is the classic strawberry parfait. A lot of Amaou jelly is layered with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate coated granola, and the top is topped with large Amaou and macaroons.

“Amaou parfait” 3,520 yen *Service charge not included


Hotel New Otani (Tokyo, Makuhari, Osaka) “Amaou Sweets Fair”

【Sales Period】 Until Friday, March 31, 2023
【MENU & Price】
・”Amaou pancake” 3,520 yen
・”Amaou Brioche French Toast” 3,520 yen
・”Amaou parfait” 3,520 yen

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