Spicy food on hot days! Happiness UP with full adrenaline!

The super spicy gourmet event “Summer Super Hot Grand Prix 2023” will be held in the Ark Hills and Toranomon Hills areas from July 14th (Friday) to August 31st (Thursday), 2023.

Super spicy gourmets gathered from all 41 stores

The “Summer Super Spicy Grand Prix” is an event that offers super spicy gourmet food that uses plenty of special chili peppers and spices to blow away the heat of summer. A total of 41 restaurants will participate, and each restaurant will be proud of their hot and spicy menus.

Fire Hall 4000 “Super Spicy Mabo tofu” 1,600 yen

Participating for the first time such as super spicy dumplings and “10 times hotter” spicy papaya salad

Attention should be paid to the 5 stores that will be participating for the first time from “Toranomon Yokocho” where famous stores in Tokyo gather. Gyoza Izakaya “Toranomon PAIRON” offers a limited version of the popular “Red Dragon” gyoza “Fire Red Dragon”.

Toranomon PAIRON “Fire Red Dragon” 682 yen * Limited to 100 meals during the period

In addition, the spicy papaya salad “Tam Thai” from the Thai restaurant “Som Tam Dar”, which is 10 times hotter than usual, and “Fire Hall 4000″‘s “Super Spicy Mapo Tofu”, the super spicy spice and umami effect. The lineup includes “Porofuri g”’s “Super Spicy !! Fried Chicken” and “KOREAN IZAKAYA Jang”’s “Spicy Sundubu Jjigae” made with Korean chili peppers.

Spicy levels from beginner to advanced

One of the appeals of the “Summer Super Spicy Grand Prix” is that it offers menus that match various levels of spiciness. “THE CITY BAKERY BRASSERIE RUBIN”‘s “Pork Arrabiata Style” where you can enjoy the refreshing spiciness of green chili peppers, and “Shinshu Sobakiri Miyota” with shrimp dipped in a death sauce containing habanero and Jolokia. Soupless soba” is a recommended menu for beginners who are very spicy.

THE CITY BAKERY BRASSERIE RUBIN “Pork Arabiata style” 1,300 yen

On the other hand, for those who are extremely spicy, we recommend the “Shiru Ari Masamune-shiki Tantanmen Special Spicy” from “Chengdu Masamune Tantanmen Tsujita,” which boasts a level of spiciness that will satisfy even those who love spicy food. Masamune-style dandan noodles with a rich aroma of sesame, umami, and richness are added with homemade chili oil and freshly ground Sichuan pepper to create a numbingly spicy dish.

Chengdu Masamune Dandan Noodles Tsujita “Masamune Style Dandan Noodles Spicy with Soup” 1,080 yen

“On top of super spicy” more spicy and more secret menu

In addition, for those who are unsatisfied with the regular menu, we have prepared a “spicy secret menu” with increased spiciness. “Spain Bar Girona” uses twice as much green chili pepper as usual and adds “Carolina Reaper”, which is said to be the hottest chili pepper in the world. kaaw”s “soft beef tendon gapao rice” and other foods that are even more spicy.

Spain Bar Girona “Spicy Shrimp Spicy Ajillo” 1,400 yen


“Summer Super Spicy Grand Prix 2023”

【Period】 July 14th (Friday) to August 31st (Thursday), 2023
【Place】 ARK Hills/Atago area (ARK Mori Building, ARK Hills South Tower, ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower, Atago Green Hills), Toranomon Hills area (Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, Shintora-dori CORE)
【Official Website】
[Arc Hills] https://www.arkhills.com/events/2023/07/0063.html (Scheduled to be released on 7/5)
[Toranomon Hills] https://www.toranomonhills.com/topics/2023/07/0062.html (Scheduled to be released on 7/5)