Spring 2022 cosmetics from ESPRIQUE, a new kind of “Uragoshi (strainer) Foundation” that turns into a beauty liquid foundation.

SPRIQUE’s spring 2022 cosmetics, “Aquarelle Skinwear,” will go on sale on February 16, 2022 (Wed).

A “backing foundation” that turns into a serum foundation

When you push the double-layered micromesh, the cream foundation is “turned inside out” into a serum foundation. When you push the double-layered micro-mesh, the cream foundation is “backed” and transformed into a beauty essence foundation.

Esprique Aqualie Skin Wear SPF50/PA++++ 3 colors, 4,400 yen each

Moisturizes the skin and makes it look fresh and shiny.

The serum-like formula allows the foundation to be applied finely on the puff and evenly on the skin. It gives you a fresh and glowing skin without any technique, as if your skin has become beautiful.

The foundation is made of gel-like ingredients that fit smoothly on the skin surface and oil that feels light and comfortable. The foundation is light and comfortable to use, and covers uneven skin tone and pores, and has SPF50/PA++++ to protect against UV rays.


Esprique Aqualie Skin Wear SPF50/PA++++ 3 colors, 4,400 yen each
*Refill: 13g, 3,300 yen, with puff and case: 1,100 yen

【Release Date】 Feb. 16 (Wed), 2022
【Store】 Drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide.

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