Starbucks 2023 Valentine’s Day goods, chocolate bar pattern tumblers and heart-shaped mugs will be on sale tomorrow!

Valentine goods for 2023 are now available from Starbucks. It will be sold at Starbucks stores nationwide from Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

Starbucks Valentine’s Day 2023 Goods

For the 2023 Valentine season, Starbucks will introduce goods that incorporate the Valentine’s classic motif “Heart” and melting chocolate. We have a full lineup of items that are perfect for gifts, such as stainless steel bottles, tumblers, and mugs.

Stainless steel bottle with a colorful heart

“Valentine 2023 Stainless Bottle” is a stainless steel bottle with a colorful heart drawn on a matte white body. A silhouette that is “rolled” like a milk bottle creates a cute mood.

Chocolate bar pattern tumbler

“Valentine 2023 Stainless Steel Cylinder” is a tumbler with a unique shape that expresses an embossed chocolate bar. The bright mint green lid and the small heart on the back are just the right amount of accents.

Stainless steel cups and bottles

There will also be a stainless steel cup with a silicon lid that looks like chocolate is melting, a stainless steel bottle printed with pink and gold hearts, and a stainless steel tumbler with an eye-catching mint green body.

Heart shaped mug

The mugs include heart-shaped mugs that look like melted chocolate inside, ribbon-shaped handles, and heat-resistant glass mugs with colorful hearts all over them.

Valentine food such as cake

Also pay attention to limited foods that can only be tasted during the Valentine season. The cakes are “Chocolate Cake”, which is a combination of chocolate whipped cream and cocoa chocolate sponge dough, and “Fluffy Whipped & Pie Chocolate Mousse Cake”, which is a fun mousse cake that combines whipped cream, pie dough, caramel, cacao nibs, etc. 2 types are available.

In addition, the lineup includes pound cakes with a bitter black cocoa cookie on top and bite-sized baked sweets with a chewy texture.


Starbucks Valentine

【Release Date】 Wednesday, January 18, 2023
【Store】 Starbucks nationwide, official online store