Starbucks’ coffee and tea “rich tiramisu” Frappuccino goes on sale today!


Starbucks has launched “Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino,” “Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino,” “Double Tall Latte Shakerato,” and “Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino,” all under the theme of “LOVE COFFEE,” on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Three Frappuccinos with the Appeal of Coffee

The “Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino” is a Frappuccino made with rich espresso roasted coffee. It has a custard base made with mascarpone cheese and egg yolks, and a sponge cake soaked in coffee to create a rich tiramisu-like flavor.

The “Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino” will also be available as a regular product in the future. The coffee is slowly brewed with water for about 14 hours to create a crisp, fragrant cold brew coffee with milk. You can also add brown sugar for a richer taste.

The Double Tall Latte Shekerat, a beverage inspired by the Double Tall Latte that was ordered as the first cup of coffee at the first Starbucks store in Japan, Ginza Matsuya-dori, in 1996, is also available. A double shot of lightly flavored Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast is brewed, ice and refreshing Valencia Orange flavor syrup are added, shaken to create a fluffy foam, and milk is poured in.

From Left) Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino, Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino, Double Tall Latte Shekerat

Frappuccino with a Tea Tiramisu flavor

The new “Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino,” which expresses “tea tiramisu,” is also in the lineup. It is a Frappuccino that combines black tea, Earl Grey, and honey with sponge cake soaked in rich iced tea. The result is a drink that is like eating a luxurious dessert with the gorgeous aroma of tea.

This product is the first in a series of projects by Starbucks to celebrate its 25th anniversary in Japan. This is the first in a series of products that Starbucks is offering to celebrate its 25th anniversary in Japan, tracing the roots of the brand and reexamining the appeal of coffee and tea.

Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino (Tall Size Only) Tall To-Go 669 yen, in-store 682 yen


Love Coffee & Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino

■ Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino *Tall size only
【Sales Period】 Apr 14 (Wed) – May 25 (Tue) Ends as soon as they run out
【Price】 Tall, TO-GO 669 yen / In-Store 682 yen

■ Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino
【Sales Period】 April 14, 2021 (Wednesday) – Standard products thereafter
【Price】 TO-GO | Short 486 yen, Tall 529 yen, Grande 572 yen, Venti 615 yen
In-Store | Short 495 yen, Tall 539yen, Grande 583yen, Venti 627yen

■ Double Tall Latte Shekerat *Tall size only
【Sales Period】 Apr 14 (Wed) – Jun 15 (Tue)
【Price】 Tall, TO-GO 496 yen / In-Store 506 yen

■ Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino *Tall size only
【Sales Period】 Apr 14 (Wed) – May 25 (Tue) Ends as soon as they run out
【Price】 Tall, TO-GO 669 yen / In-Store 682 yen