Starbucks is now selling limited edition goods with the theme of “Just a Cute Japanese Winter”!

Starbucks has started to release limited edition goods with the theme of “Just a cute Japanese winter” from Sunday, December 26, 2021.

Limited-edition goods with motifs of “tiger” and calico cat

The new limited-edition goods from Starbucks will feature the Chinese zodiac sign for 2022, the tiger, a Daruma doll, and a calico cat.

The “Mug Cat Barista” is a mug of Calico cat wearing a green apron. She also holds a cup in her hand, just like a “cat barista” working in a store. The Bearista will also appear as “Bearista Tora,” dressed as a “tiger,” the Chinese zodiac sign for 2022, with an orange in her hand, which is said to be a good luck charm.

Mugs and stainless steel bottles featuring the “mutsuhana,” a flower motif unique to Japan, are also noteworthy. The stainless steel bottles feature not only the six petals of the mutsu-hana flower, but also other Japanese designs such as the furry cat, which is the model for the maneki-neko (a cat that brings good luck).

In addition, the popular annual Daruma mug is now available in a heat-resistant glass mug. There are also heat-resistant glass mugs in the shape of Mt.


Starbucks winter limited edition items *only available at some online stores

【Release Date】 Dec. 26 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 Starbucks stores and official online stores