Starbucks’ limited edition Christmas “Santa Bear” chocolate customization starts today!


Starbucks will start selling Santa Bearista Chocolate today, December 3, 2021 (Friday), as a special customization for the Christmas season.

Santa Bearista Chocolate

Starbucks will be celebrating Christmas in 2021 with a special menu including the Toasted White Chocolate Frappuccino. The “Santa Bearista Chocolate” is a special customization that will add to the excitement. It can be customized on all Frappuccinos.

With the cute red and green Santa hat wearing Bear motif chocolates to add to the cream of your Frappuccino, you can enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance. A winking Bearista is also available as a secret item.


Santa Bearista Chocolate.

【Release Date】 Dec. 3 (Fri), 2021 *Sales end as soon as they are gone.
【Store】 Starbucks Nationwide
【Price】 To-Go; 78 yen / Eat-in; 80 yen
*Limit one per Frappuccino.
*Winking Bearista will be offered at random.