Starbucks “SAKURA2022” begins


Starbucks has released limited edition sweets and food for the “SAKURA 2022” season, which will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide from February 15, 2022 (Tuesday).

Starbucks “SAKURA2022” Limited Edition Sweets and Food

Ahead of the season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Starbucks’ seasonal fair “SAKURA2022” is offering a spring-only menu. In addition to the spring-flavored drinks and goods, the popular annual limited edition sweets and food menu will also join the lineup for a limited time.

Sakura and berry pound cake: 385 yen

Sakura Chiffon Cake

The Sakura Chiffon Cake, for example, is a classic springtime chiffon cake with a gentle aroma and flavor reminiscent of cherry blossoms. The batter is kneaded with cherry leaf powder, wrapped in whipped cream, and topped with salted cherry blossoms. The sweet taste of the cake is accentuated by the salty taste, making it a dish that can be enjoyed until the last bite.

Sakura chiffon cake: 440 yen

Sakura Donut.

Also making a return is the Sakura Donut, which offers a balance of sakura flavor and a moderate saltiness. The sugar doughnut dough is coated with a slightly sweet and melt-in-your-mouth cherry blossom coating, and topped with two types of cherry blossom powder with different colors and flavors.

Sakura doughnut: 275 yen

Pound cake and Chiboust.

Other limited edition products include the “Sakura and Berry Pound Cake,” which is baked with cranberries mixed into a batter containing Sakura powder; the “Pear and Apple Custard Shibusto Cake,” which is a custard shibusto with a thin layer of caramel sauce on the surface and crispy pears and apples sandwiched inside; and the “Two Kinds of Ball Cookies (Sakura Berry & Plain),” which is an assortment of Sakura berry and plain ball cookies. A variety of limited edition products are available, including “Custard Shibusto Cake with Pears and Apples,” a custard shibusto covered with a thin layer of caramel sauce, and “Two Kinds of Ball Cookies (Sakura Berry & Plain),” an assortment of sakura berry and plain ball cookies.


Starbucks “SAKURA2022” First Food

【Release Date】 Feb. 15 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide

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