Starbucks will be releasing a new Halloween limited edition Frappuccino called “Treat with Trick Frappuccino” starting tomorrow!


Starbucks has released a new Halloween limited edition Frappuccino, “Treat with Trick Frappuccino”, which will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide from October 20, 2021 (Wed).

“Yaki-imo (Baked Potatp) x Chocolate” Frappuccino

The “Treat with Trick Frappuccino” to be released by Starbucks for Halloween 2021 is a limited edition Frappuccino based on the popular “Yaki-Imo Frappuccino” with chocolate elements and a Halloween twist. “The flavor is an unlikely and unexpected combination of “baked sweet potato and chocolate.

The base of the “Yaki-imo Frappuccino” is made with chocolate powder, and the cup sauce is made with purple sweet potato flavored sauce. The base is made with cut roasted sweet potatoes, which gives the drink a chewy, fibrous texture.

The top is whipped topping with purple sweet potato flavor sauce and sweet potato honey flavor sauce. You can enjoy both the original flavor of the purple sweet potato and the honey flavor that seeps out from the baked sweet potato.

Crackling candy topping

Popping – Topping”, a colorful candy topping that crackles and pops, is also available only during Halloween. The toppings can be added to the “Treat with Trick Frappuccino” as well as the standard Frappuccino menu.


Treat with Trick Frappuccino

【Sales Period】 Oct 20 (Thu) – 31 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide
【Price】 Take-out: 678 yen, in-store use: 690 yen *Sales end as soon as they run out.