Starting today, for five days only, Qu’il fait bon will be selling a fig tart!


Qu’il fait bon, a fruit tart specialty store, is holding a “Late Summer Figs” event focusing on seasonal figs, and will sell limited edition fig-based tarts at its stores nationwide for five days from August 25 (Wed) to August 29 (Sun), 2021.

A limited edition tart using seasonal figs.

New shortcake-like fig tart – shortcake-like

Of particular note is the new Fig Tart – Shortcake-style for 2021, which is inspired by shortcake. A layer of custard cream with sour cream and sponge is topped with large figs and cream. The fig and raspberry jam is added as an accent to create a shortcake-like tart.

An Osaka-only tart using rare “morning-picked” figs.

The “Blessing of the Morning Figs from Kawanishi, Hyogo Prefecture and Chocolate Cream Tart,” which is only available at the Grand Front Osaka store, uses figs that are picked in the morning when they are at their best. These rare figs do not last long because they are fully ripe, and have only been distributed in a limited number of regions. You can enjoy the rich and fresh flavor of these figs.

A variety of tartlets using different ingredients and techniques to bring out the charm of figs.

In addition to the above, there is the “Wave-shaped 5 Fruits and Fig Pound Tart,” which is a refreshing combination of fig pound with a petite texture and 5 kinds of fruits; the “Fukuoka Fig “Toyomitsuhime” Tart,” which is a custard cream filled tart with Fukuoka figs spread all over. “The tart is made with various ingredients and techniques to bring out the charm of figs, such as the “Fukuoka Fig “Toyomitsuhime” Tart,” a tart with custard cream, figs cooked in red wine, and slow-baked almond cream. Fig and shibust cream tart, which combines figs with shibust cream, figs cooked in red wine, and slowly baked almond cream.


Qu’il fait bon “Figs in Late Summer.”

【Sales Period】 Aug 25 (Wed) – 29 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 Qu’il fait bon nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Grand Front Osaka
【Address】 Grand Front Osaka South Building 2F, 3-1 Ohfukamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka