“Strawberry Buffet” with a new menu every month will be held at Swissotel Nankai Osaka!


Swissotel Nankai Osaka will hold a “Strawberry Fair” on Saturdays and Sundays only from January 8 (Sat) to March 27 (Sun), 2022, with the menu changing every month. A sweets buffet will be served at the hotel’s top floor restaurant, Tabora 36.

Strawberry Buffet” menu changes every month.

Coming up in January is the “Strawberry Sweets Buffet to Fall in Love With,” featuring over 35 types of sweets and savories. A variety of strawberry-based dishes will be available, including strawberry maritozzo, strawberry and pistachio roll cake, and seasonal strawberry and mascarpone pizza.

In February, there will be a Valentine’s Day sweets buffet with plenty of strawberries and chocolate. In March, there will be a “Japanese taste” menu using Fukuoka’s specialty “Amao” and “Yame” tea.

TWG Tea and Strawberry Afternoon Tea

Also, from January 1 (Sat) to January 31 (Mon), 2022, Strawberry Afternoon Tea will be offered, where you can enjoy luxurious teas from the luxury tea brand TWG Tea. From Saturday, January 1, 2022 to Monday, January 31, 2022, the store will offer a Strawberry Afternoon Tea where you can enjoy the luxurious teas of the luxury tea brand, TWG Tea.


Strawberry Fair

・January: Love Strawberry Sweets Buffet
・February: Valentine’s Day Strawberry Sweets Buffet to Fall in Love with
・March: Japanese Strawberry Wonderland
【Sales Period】 Jan 8 (Sat) – Mar 27 (Sun), 2022 *Sat, Sun and Holiday only
【Place】 Swissotel Nankai Osaka, Top Floor “Tabora 36”
【Price】 5,600 yen per adult / 2,800 yen per child (4-12 years old) *Coffee, tea and juice included.
【Reservation】 Online

・Sweet Strawberry & TWG Tea Afternoon Tea
【Sales Period】 Jan 1 (Sat) – 31 (Mon), 2022
【Place】 Swissotel Nankai Osaka “The Lounge”
【Price】 Weekdays: 4,950 yen / Weekends, holidays and Jan. 3 (Mon.): 5,450 yen
【Reservation】 Online