Strawberry lovers, run to Bikkuri Donkey right now!


The hamburger steak restaurant “BIKKURI DONKEY” is holding a strawberry-filled “Strawberry Dessert Fair”! Four kinds of strawberry desserts, which are sold every year for a limited time, will be available from January 26 (Wed.) this year.

Four types of BIKKURI DONKEY “Strawberry Dessert” Fair appear

Super-sized jug parfait

The “Jokki Parfait (Strawberry)” (1,210 yen, tax included) is a sumptuous parfait with ripe strawberries, Hokkaido soft ice cream, chiffon cake, and mascarpone strawberry cream. It is now the highlight of the Bikkuri Donkey menu.

Soft serve ice cream with ripe strawberries in season

Also available is the Strawberry Soft Deluxe, 550 yen (tax included), which adds ripe strawberries in season to the well-known dessert Strawberry Soft. Enjoy the parfait with an even greater sense of sweet and sour refreshing aroma.

Two elegant desserts with mascarpone strawberry cream

In addition, the “Strawberry Glittering Tiara” parfait, a lovely parfait just the right size for after dinner with sweet and sour ripe strawberries and rich Hokkaido soft serve ice cream, and the “Silky Soft Cake with Ripe Strawberries, Strawberry Flavored Mascarpone Cream and Whipped Cream”, 550 yen (tax included) are also available. The Silky Soft Cake with ripe strawberries, strawberry-flavored mascarpone cream and whipped cream is also available for 550 yen (tax included). The lineup includes all four items that were so popular last year that strawberry lovers will not be able to resist.


BIKKURI DONKEY Strawberry Dessert Fair

【Release Date】 Jan 26 (Wed)
【Store】 Bikkuri Donkey in Japan
【Official Web Site】

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