Strawberry picking at Hotel New Otani Osaka! The “Super Strawberry Buffet” is about to begin!


Hotel New Otani Osaka will hold a “Super Strawberry Buffet 2022: New Strawberry Picking at the Hotel” from January 5 (Wed.) to March 31 (Thu.), 2022 at the SATSUKI LOUNGE tea and cocktail bar.

The “Original Strawberry Sweets Buffet” with a variety of luxurious strawberry sweets

Hotel New Otani’s “Strawberry Picking at the Hotel” is the original “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” that has been loved by more than 210,000 people since its first year. You can enjoy all-you-can-eat brand-name strawberries carefully selected from all over Japan, as well as luxurious strawberry sweets and gourmet foods to your heart’s content.

The hotel’s finest sweet, the new Super Amao Shortcake.

The focus of the event will be the Hotel New Otani’s finest strawberry sweet, the “New Super Amaou Shortcake”. It is a new lineup of the finest shortcake that makes the most of the sweetness of the Hakata Amaou, but with a more flavorful and healthier version.

Luxury strawberry sweets with a “flower” theme

The theme of the sweets buffet is “flowers. The “Glass Rose,” a special parfait with the essence of roses, is a glass sweet with a layer of lychee and strawberry jelly with rose strawberry soft serve ice cream for a gorgeous taste and appearance.

There are also a variety of traditional strawberry sweets such as strawberry tarts filled with bright red strawberries, roll cakes, and Napoleon pies. In addition, you can also enjoy the fluffy “Hotel New Otani’s special pancakes” with Italian ricotta and mascarpone kneaded into them, as well as savories.

All you can eat of carefully selected brand-name strawberries

For the all-you-can-eat fresh strawberries, they carefully select the best strawberries of the season from all over Japan and offer them on a daily basis. You can enjoy the fresh strawberries directly, or enjoy them with pancakes.

There is also an accommodation plan that includes a strawberry buffet.

In conjunction with the “Super Strawberry Buffet 2022: New Strawberry Picking at Hotels,” Hotel New Otani Osaka is offering a special accommodation plan that includes a strawberry buffet. The plan includes a guaranteed seat at the strawberry buffet and a gift of strawberry-scented hand cream from THE BODY SHOP.


Super Strawberry Buffet 2022 – New Strawberry Picking at the Hotel

【Sales Period】 Jan 5 (Wed) – Mar 31 (Thu), 2022
【Place】 Hotel New Otani Osaka Tea & Cocktail “SATSUKI LOUNGE” (Lobby Floor)
【Address】 1-4-1, Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】 11:30 – 16:00 (Final admission 14:30) (90 min)
【Price】 Adults: 6,000 yen (weekdays), 6,500 yen (weekends and holidays)
Elementary school students (7-12 years old): 3,000 yen, infants (4-6 years old): 1,500 yen
【Reservation】 06-6949-3276 or Online