Super Sweets Buffet 2021 ~Summer Strawberries & Peaches, Mangoes, and Melons~” is now being held at Hotel New Otani Osaka!


The “Super Sweets Buffet 2021: Summer Strawberries & Peaches, Mangoes & Melons” is being held at Hotel New Otani Osaka from August 1 (Sun.) to August 31 (Tue.), 2021.

Sunset peach parfait at “the Super Sweets Buffet”

Hotel New Otani Osaka’s popular “Super Sweets Buffet” has been upgraded with a special peach-based menu for one month only.

“The “Peach Parfait” is an impressive sweet with its bright red color and “koron” shape, reminiscent of a summer sunset. The “crunchy” chocolate cookie is layered with rich vanilla ice cream, and then wrapped in peach compote.

It is then topped with raspberry and strawberry sauce and freeze-dried strawberries. The smooth texture and sweet and sour berry sauce accentuate the natural sweetness of the seasonal peaches.

Strawberry and pistachio parfait is also available.

In addition, for the first time in the summer sweets buffet, strawberry sweets are also available. The “Strawberry and Soft Ice Cream Mini Parfait” is filled with strawberry jelly and pistachio.

In the “Strawberry and Soft Cream Mini Parfait,” strawberry jelly filled with strawberry pulp is combined with creamy pistachio panna cotta and soft cream. The berry sauce and chopped roasted pistachios add just the right accent, allowing you to enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.

Mini parfait with strawberries and soft serve ice cream

“Summer Strawberries” in “Superb” Shortcakes

You can also enjoy a comparison of three types of shortcakes. You can compare the “New Extra Super Mango Shortcake,” which is usually sold at the hotel’s cake store for 3,800 yen per cut, the “Super Melon Shortcake,” which is made with plenty of muskmelons with a sugar content of 14 degrees or higher, and the “Summer Strawberry Shortcake” at buffet size. You can compare the two.

Limited Edition Sweets from Pierre Hermé Paris

In addition, PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS, a leader in the French dessert world, has introduced “Exotique,” a sweet limited to Hotel New Otani. It is made with a base of mangoes and a lavish amount of tropical fruits such as bananas and pineapples, and finished with a vanilla-flavored bavarois for a gentle sweetness.

Pierre Hermé Paris “Exotic”.


Hotel New Otani Osaka “Super Sweets Buffet 2021 ~Summer Strawberries & Peaches, Mangoes, and Melons~”.

【Sales Period】 Aug 1 (Sun) – 31 (Tue), 2021
【Hour】 11:30~15:30(Final admission 14:00) *90 min system
【Price】 Adults: 5,800 yen (weekdays), 6,000 yen (weekends and holidays), Elementary school students: 2,800 yen, Infants (4 years old): 1,200 yen
【Place】 Hotel New Otani Osaka Tea & Cocktail “Satsuki Lounge” (1F)
【Address】 1-4-1, Jomei, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
【Reservation】 06-6949-3276 or Online