Tennoji Mio to be renovated in spring 2022! 60 stores will open in sequence from February!

Osaka’s Tennoji Mio will be renovated in the spring of 2022, with about 60 stores to open between February and April.

Renewal of Tennoji Mio

Tennoji Mio is one of the largest shopping centers in the Tennoji/Abeno area that is directly connected to JR Tennoji Station and focuses on “fashion” and “food”.

【Fashion】 FRAY ID, etc.

Newly opened fashion brands include FRAY I.D, CELFORD, To b. by agnès b., and Charles & Keith from Singapore. The store offers fashion items that can be used in a variety of everyday situations, from on to off-duty.

【Cosme & Sundries】 “First in the area” Aesop

The focus of the cosmetics brand is Aēsop, which is opening for the first time in the area. On the first floor of the main building, Aēsop will offer skin care, hair care, and body care products made from carefully selected plant materials.

In addition, Jardin des Parfums, a lifestyle concept store that proposes fragrances that naturally accompany people in their daily lives, will open its first store in the area, and the flower store Aoyama Flower Market and the Danish general merchandise brand Flying Tiger Copenhagen will also make new appearances.

Francfranc, located on the fourth floor of the main building, will expand its sales floor, and Mary Quant will move to the sixth floor of the main building.

【Eat-in gourmet】 New business models of popular restaurants, etc.

The “Ekiue Stand” on the M2 floor of the plaza building was expanded in conjunction with the renovation, and features new business models of popular restaurants. These include “Popular Bistro Sashisu,” a new Western-style bar operated by “Sushi Bar Sashisu,” “Delicious Seafood and Deep Fried Tempura New Tsurumatsu,” which offers freshly fried “crispy” tempura at reasonable prices, and “Popular Yakiniku Hormone Omatsu,” where you can casually enjoy grilled meat. New Tsurumatsu” offers freshly fried “crispy” tempura at reasonable prices.

On the 10th floor of the main building, Shinpuku Naikan, the origin of Kyoto ramen, whose name is synonymous with the jet-black soup that has been passed down since its establishment in 1938, will open its first store in the area. Despite its appearance, the soup is rich, light, and full of flavor.

Left) Bistro for the masses, SASHISU
Right) ShinFukusaikan

【Take-out gourmet】 “551 Penglai” and “Delice

On the first floor of both buildings, which are directly connected to the ticket gates of JR Tennoji Station, there is a collection of prepared foods and sweets stores that are perfect for souvenirs. The first floor of both buildings, which is directly connected to the JR Tennoji station gates, will feature prepared foods and sweets shops that are perfect for souvenirs, such as “551 Hourai,” a famous pork bun store, and “Delicieuse,” a confectionary store that offers cheese cakes made with “Brie de Meaux,” which is known as the king of cheese.

551 Hourai


Tennoji Mio Renewal

【Time Period】 Spring 2022 (February to April)
【Place】 Tennoji Mio
【Address】 10-39 Hidenin-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

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