That girl who is cute and makes you happy just by looking at her is matcha flavored! I have to go to Nagoya now!


From the chick-shaped sweets Piyorin, Nishio Matcha Piyorin is available for a limited time only. From Friday, April 28, 2023 to Sunday, May 14, 2023, it will be sold at the Piyorin Station Cafe Jeanciane and the Piyorin shop inside JR Nagoya Station.

Limited Piyorin with “Matcha Exhaustion”

“Nishio no Matcha Piyorin” is a collaboration with Aichi’s matcha brand “Nishio no Matcha”, and it is “Piyorin” that is full of matcha.

Nishio’s matcha is used in the pudding that uses Nagoya Cochin eggs, the bavarois that wraps the pudding, the sponge, and the chocolate feathers and combs, adding the elegant aroma and richness of matcha. Also pay attention to the visuals that are perfect for the refreshing season, covered in deep green like fresh green.

Nishio matcha piyorin 550 yen

Matcha Piyorin Sunday

In addition, “Piyorin STATION Cafe Jeanciane” offers “Matcha Piyorin Sunday” for a limited time. It’s a Japanese flavored matcha sundae with matcha ice cream “Piyorin”. Rich matcha sauce with a depth of flavor, matcha whipped cream and chewy rice flour dumplings are combined to create a luxurious sundae.

Matcha piyorin sundae 1,100 yen


■ Nishio Matcha Piyorin
【Sales Period】 Friday, April 28, 2023 to Sunday, May 14, 2023
【Store】 “Piyorin STATION Cafe Jeanciane” and “Piyorin shop” inside JR Nagoya Station
【Price】 550 yen

■ Matcha Piyorin Sunday
【Sales Period】 April 28 (Friday) to May 14 (Sunday), 2023
【Store】 JR Nagoya Station “Piyorin STATION Cafe Jeanciane”
【Price】 1,100 yen

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