The 8th Curry Expo and Sweets Expo will be held at Osaka’s Expo ’70 Commemorative Park starting tomorrow!

The 8th Curry Expo, one of the largest curry festivals in Western Japan, will be held at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park in Osaka from November 19 (Fri.) to 23 (Tue.), 2021.

The 8th Curry Expo, One of the Largest Curry Festivals in Western Japan

Curry has taken root in Japan as a national dish loved by men and women of all ages, and continues to develop in its own unique way. Osaka is known as the birthplace of spicy curry, which is one of the major movements in recent years, and there are many famous curry restaurants in the city, which are still spreading their influence nationwide.

This year’s “Curry Expo” will also feature “SPICE★CURRY43,” which won the event’s Grand Prix two years in a row, and other stores in the Kansai region that have been carefully selected by curry connoisseurs. A wide variety of curries will be gathered in one place, including the now popular Sri Lankan curry, spice curry, North and South Indian curry, European curry, and soup curry.

The “7th Sweets Expo” will be held at the same time.

In addition, the 7th Sweets Expo will be held at the same time with 18 Japanese and Western sweets stores. There will also be a flea market with handmade goods stores popular at LOHAS Festa, a used book corner, Yoshimoto’s manzai (comic storytelling), and a variety of other events.


The 8th Curry Expo & Sweets Expo” and “The 7th Sweets Expo

【Exhibition Period】 Nov 19 (Fri) – Nov 23 (Tue, Holiday), 2021
【Hour】 9:30 – 17:00 *Admission to the park is until 16:30.
【Place】 Expo Park East Plaza
【Fee】 Free *A separate park entrance fee is required (260 yen for adults, 80 yen for elementary and junior high school students).
【Meal Ticket】 1,200 yen (set includes rice and two half-size curry roux)
*Curry roux only is 500 yen (half size), rice only is 300 yen (250g).
*All items except curry are sold in cash at each store.