The “Classical Lady’s Valentine Afternoon Tea” with bears and hearts will be held at the wedding venue!


Shinsaibashi St. Grace Villa, a wedding hall in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, will hold a special Valentine’s Day afternoon tea, “Classical Lady’s Valentine Afternoon Tea,” on specific dates in January and February 2022.

Valentine’s Day Limited “Classical Lady’s Valentine Afternoon Tea

The afternoon tea at Shinsaibashi St. Grace Villa is popular for its delicate sweets created by the patissier exclusive to the wedding hall. This time, the “Classical Lady’s Valentine Afternoon Tea” will be held for the Valentine’s Day season, and you can enjoy sweets that use a lot of chocolate.

Chocolate sweets sprinkled with bears and heart motifs.

The afternoon tea stand is decorated with a variety of sweets with chocolate as the main ingredient. Chocolate rolls, genoise chocolate cake, heart-shaped chocolate mousse, cookies with a teddy bear holding a heart, etc., are all available on the menu, which is also gorgeous to look at and is sprinkled with bear and heart motifs.

Special Sweets “Sleeping Bear Cake

The special sweet “Sleeping Bear Cake” is also offered as an optional menu item (+1,500 yen). This is a dish made by the patissier to represent a sleeping bear with chocolat mousse with vanilla cream and raspberry puree.

Sleeping Bear Cake *This is an optional sweet that costs +1,500 yen.


Classical Lady’s Valentine’s Afternoon Tea

【Event Date】
・January 9 (Sun), 10 (Mon), 14 (Fri), 16 (Sun), 21 (Fri), 23 (Sun), 2022
・February 6 (Sun), 13 (Sun), 23 (Wed), 2022
【Hour】 11:00〜/11:30〜/13:30〜/14:00〜/15:30〜/16:30〜(90min each time)
【Place】 Shinsaibashi St. Grace Villa
【Price】 4,000 yen (Service fee included) *Payment is by cash or PayPay only.
【Reservation】 06-7654-8480 or Online