The “Demon Slayer” Jimbei is now available in limited quantities at Aeon stores and online!

AEON’s casual fashion brand “Doublefocus” has released a limited number of five “Blade of the Demise” jimbei patterns!

They will go on sale sequentially from June 3 (Thu) at about 320 stores such as “AEON” and “AEON Style” in Honshu and Shikoku, as well as AEON Style Online, the official mail order service of AEON.

5 popular character patterns

With the increase in the amount of time spent at home, the demand for casual wear and loungewear is on the rise, so we decided to release zimbei with the symbolic patterns of each of the five popular characters from the anime “Blade of Extinction” in the hope that people will enjoy spending time at home surrounded by their favorite characters. With this in mind, jimbei with symbolic patterns of each of the five popular characters from the anime “Onimitsune no Bako” will be released.

The lineup consists of five types: “Kamado Tanjiro,” “Kamado Nezuko,” “Wagatsuma Zenitsu,” “Tomioka Giyu,” and “Kocho Shinobu.

Can be worn by unisex.

Sizes range from S to L, with SS sizes available only for the Kadoma Tanjiro and Kadoma Nezuko patterns. They are available in men’s sizes, but can be worn by both men and women.

In addition, character pajamas and loungewear printed with characters such as Kadoma Tanjiro, Kadoma Nezuko, Watsuma Zenitsu, Hashibira Inosuke, Rengoku Kyojiro, Akaza, and Enmu are also available.

Let’s Check “AEON Style Online


The “Demon Slayer” Jimbei

【Release Date】 June 3 (Thu), 2021
【Store】 About 320 AEON stores, including AEON Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku, and AEON Style Online, AEON’s official online shopping site
【Price】 4,389 yen (Tax included)