The “Doraemon Kagamimochi Goods” are on sale again this year!

Dora-chan Kagamimochi on sale again this year!
Doraemon Kagamimochi goods, which are talked about every year for their cute Doraemon and Dorami-style Kagamimochi, are available again this year.

Mochi Mochi Cushion Series: 3,520 yen each

Mochi Cushion

The Kagamimochi Doraemon Mochi Mochi Cushion and Kagamimochi Dorami Mochi Cushion will make you want to hug them tightly. The cushions are made with a soft and fluffy texture.

Kagamimochi Doraemon Glass Set, 2 pieces

And this year, a new product, “Kagamimochi Doraemon Glass Set of 2,” is available. The simple and classy design is sure to liven up your home time.

Kagamimochi Mascot

In addition, there will be five other types of mascots this year, including the palm-sized Kagamimochi Doraemon Mascot and Kagamimochi Dorami Mascot.

The small size Kagamimochi mascot comes with an elastic string, so you can attach it to your bag or decorate your room in a variety of ways. The reasonable price is also a plus.


Doraemon Kagamimochi Goods

【Release Date】 Nov. 26 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 Post Office Online Store