The Doraemon series of clothing, including loungewear that makes you feel like Gian, is now on sale!

CIAOPANIC TYPY has released the “Doraemon” series “I’m Doraemon” wear designed by Sanrio.

I’m Doraemon” items for families to enjoy

I’m Doraemon” by Sanrio features cool designs targeting adult Doraemon fans as well as cute character designs with a hand-drawn touch. Ciao Panic Teepee’s first “I’m Doraemon” items include a wide variety of T-shirts and accessories for the whole family to enjoy.

Loungewear that makes you feel like Giants

The focus is on loungewear for kids that will make them feel like Gian. This long-sleeved and half-pant loungewear reinterpretation of Gian’s familiar costume is sure to make everyday bedtime more exciting.

【I’m Doraemon de TYPY】 Gian room wear, 5,390 yen (tax included)

Doraemon all-over pattern rainwear

The “Gyuutto Doraemon” art print, in which the “TYPY” logo is hidden along with the overall pattern of Doraemon, is a remarkable series of brand original designs. The items, which come in the form of rainwear and printed T-shirts, can be worn together to make them even cuter.

【I’m Doraemon de TYPY】 Doraemon rain poncho, 1980 yen
【I’m Doraemon de TYPY】 Doraemon umbrella, 1980 yen
【I’m Doraemon de TYPY】 Doraemon hooded towel, ¥3300
【I’m Doraemon de TYPY】 Gyuutto Doraemon printed t-shirt: 2,750 yen / adult: 4,290 yen
All prices include tax.

Secret tool sock sets, etc.

In addition, there are a variety of other small items that make great gifts, including a set of “secret tool” socks, a set of hair elastics, and an embroidered towel handkerchief set. If you are a fan of Doraemon, don’t miss this chance.


CIAOPANIC TYPY 「I’m Doraemon」 Item

【Release Date】 Mar 26 (Mon), 2021
【Store】 CIAOPANIC TYPY stores, official online store “PAL CLOSET”.