The espresso shake that was only available at Tully’s Coffee in the summer is now a regular menu item!


TULLY’S COFFEE’s summer season limited drink “Espresso Shake” will be available as a regular menu item at all TULLY’S COFFEE stores from May 19 (Wed), 2021.

Tully’s summer staple “Espresso Shake” now a regular menu item!

The “Espresso Shake,” which has been served since the establishment of the first store in Japan, is a thick frozen drink made with espresso carefully brewed one cup at a time by baristas. It was once discontinued, but many fans wished for its revival, and since 2011, it has been served only during the summer season.

This time, the drink has been renewed for the regular menu. By slightly reducing the sweetness of the drink, it has been made into a thicker espresso drink that allows you to taste the deeper flavor and richer aroma of the espresso shot.

Espresso Shake

And limited edition early summer drinks like mango & yogurt swirl!

Seasonal drinks for early summer are also available from the same day. &TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea,” a fruit tea with the refreshing scent of Earl Grey and the pleasant sourness of fresh grapefruit, and “Gorotto Mango Yogurt Swirl,” a swirl with the sweetness of mango and the sourness of yogurt, topped with mango pulp will be added to the menu lineup for a limited time.


■ Espresso Shake
【Release Date】 May 19 (Wed), 2021
【Price】 Short: 583 yen (tax included), Tall: 638 yen (tax included)

■ &TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea” and “Mango Yogurt Swirl.
【Release Date】 May 19 (Wed), 2021
&TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea – Short: 484 yen (tax included), Tall: 539 yen (tax included)
GOROTTO MANGO YOGURT SWIRL – Tall: 682 yen (tax included)

【Store】 All Tully’s Coffee stores
*Prices are for in-store dining. The tax rate differs for take-out.
*Some stores do not carry this product.