The first voice-activated impersonation toy of Tengen Uzui is here! The “Demon Slayer: NARIKIRI NICHIRIN Brade – Tengen Uzui

The fourth installment of the “Demon Slayer NARIKIRI Nichirin Brade” series, “Demon Slayer NARIKIRI Nichirin Brade ~Tengen Uzui~”, will be released on April 23 (Sat) at toy stores nationwide.

You can even take a picture with Uzui!

The “Demon Slayer NARIKIRI Nichirin Brade – Tengen Uzui” is Tengen Uzui’s first voice-activated impersonation toy.

This product, which is based on the image of Uzui’s weapon, the Nichirin Brade, contains three types of kata, such as “Sound Breathing Type 1: Todoroki,” as well as twelve famous lines from the play, such as “I’m going to go flashy from here on out,” so you can play as Uzui.

It is also equipped with an AR function that allows users to take pictures with the character using a smartphone with a camera function. At about 35cm in length, it is also easy for children to hold.


Demon Slayer NARIKIRI Nichirin Brade~Tengen Uzui~

【Release Date】 Apr 23 (Sat), 2022
【Price】 Suggested retail price: 5,280 yen (including 10% tax)
【Store】 Toy stores nationwide, toy sections of department stores, electronics stores, and mass merchandisers, online shopping, and Namco Bandai Group’s official online shopping site, Premium Bandai. Premium Bandai

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