The “Five Restaurant Chains Joint Operation” is now in effect! Large-scale collaboration with Evangelion started!


On March 8, Zensho Holdings started a collaboration campaign with Evangelion at its 3,700 restaurants nationwide, including Sukiya, Nakau, Hamazushi, Cocos, and Big Boy, to commemorate the release of Shin Evangelion the Movie, the new version of Japan’s most popular anime Evangelion. Evangelion from March 8th.

Collaboration across business categories

This is the first cross-industry collaboration since the company’s establishment, and is a large-scale campaign to be carried out at approximately 3,700 stores nationwide. In addition to the appearance of collaboration menus at each chain, original in-store broadcasts, distribution of original clear files (36 types in total), in-store sales of collaboration goods such as “original acrylic stands” and “first machine mugs,” and pre-order sales of “original plates” and “first machine mugs” on the mail-order site “Zensho Net Store. at the mail order site Zensho Net Store.

Collaboration goods to be sold by mail order and in stores (Zensho x Shin Evangelion “Five Chains of Food Service Joint Operation”)

Joint Operation of Five Restaurant Chains

As part of the “Five Restaurant Chains Joint Operation,” five major characters from the Evangelion series will appear as “image characters” for each restaurant, with original designs. Some of the stores will be specially decorated with the world of Evangelion to add to the excitement.


At Sukiya, Shinji makes an appearance. The collaboration menu item, “First Machine Omu Beef Curry with Onion Soup Set” (890 yen), has a great impact with its purple roux colored with cucumbers and beets. The combination of spicy curry, beef flavor, and omelet with melted cheese is exquisite. There is also an “Onion Soup: First Machine Mayo Potato Salad Set” (300 yen) that can be added to the regular menu, so you can enjoy the world of Evangelion while eating your favorite dishes.


Rei is now available at Nakau. The “Roast Beef Plate with Wasabi Cream Mayo Sauce” (990 yen) is accented with a purple wasabi cream mayonnaise sauce that is inspired by the color of the first machine, and the “Oyako-don (Rice Bowl with Omelet and Chicken), Unit Zero Version” (890 yen) is a representation of Ayanami Rei’s Unit Zero.


Asuka is now at Hamasushi. The “First Plane Runaway Roll” (649 yen) features a runaway First Plane with purple mayo sauce. It is a California roll topped with tuna, tuna chopper, and avocado. The “Unit 2 Beast Roll” (649 yen) features orange salmon, salmon roe, and tobiko to represent Unit 2 in its new form, Beast Mode, with all of its limiters removed. Both rolls are generous in volume.


Kaworu is at COCOS. The “Core Wrapped Grilled Hamburger with Longinus’ Spear” (1859 yen) has a black foil that resembles an apostle, and when you open it, a bright red tomato that looks like the core appears. The core is pierced with the Spear of Longinus and tossed with a spicy tomato sauce inspired by the red liquid of the defeated apostle. It also goes well with the cheese in the hamburger. The quantity of Longinus’ spear is limited, so when it runs out, the dish will be served without the spear (1,529 yen), so be sure to get it as soon as possible.

Big Boy

MARI is now available at Big Boy. The “Force Impact with Soup Bar” (1,518 yen) consists of spicy jambalaya and a hand-kneaded hamburger steak simmered in bouillon, and the dessert menu includes “Pudding a la Mode Reversed: Back Code the Beast” (1,078 yen) and “L.C.L Tapioca Mango – Synchronization Rate 100%” (748 yen) will be offered.

Give-away Original Clear File

One of the things that fans are looking forward to in this collaboration campaign is the gift of an original clear file. You can get one of these files when you order from the original collaboration menu as well as the grand menu of each restaurant. The clear file comes in a total of 36 different designs. The first batch of 20 clear files will be distributed by Monday, March 29, and the second batch of 16 will be distributed from Tuesday, March 30 to Tuesday, April 20. Some of the designs are exclusive to each store and some are common to all stores, but in any case, they will be given out randomly, so you’ll have to wait until you get them to enjoy them.

You can buy the original plate and the first mug in our online store!

The original plate and the Hatsugouki mug (1 type each) used in the stores can be purchased at the Zensho Net Store, and the Hatsugouki mug (1 type) and the original acrylic stand (10 types in total) are available only at 100 stores. These items are not available anywhere else, so be sure to check them out as soon as possible.


The “Five Restaurant Chains Joint Operation”

【Period】 Vol.1 Mar 8 (Mon) – Mar 29 (Mon), 2021 / Vol.2 Mar 30 (Tue) – Apr 20 (Tue), 2021
【Restaurant】 SUKIYA, Nakau, Hama-sushi, COCOS, Big Boy
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