The “Freshly Baked Custard Marron Apple Pie” is available for a limited time only.


RINGO, a freshly baked custard apple pie specialty store, has introduced a limited time product, “Freshly Baked Custard Marron Apple Pie,” which will be available from November 5, 2021 (Fri.) to January 11, 2022 (Tue.).

RINGO Autumn Limited Edition Flavor: “Freshly Baked Custard Marron Apple Pie”

RINGO sells more than 6 million apple pies a year, mainly the “Freshly Baked Custard Apple Pie,” which features 144 layers of crispy pie crust, a generous amount of custard cream, and gooey rings. The new addition to the lineup, “Freshly Baked Custard Marron Apple Pie,” is a seasonal flavor that uses chestnuts, a taste of autumn.

Elegantly sweet marron paste and moderately sour apple preserves

For the filling, which is the key to the flavor, sweet chestnuts and rum flavored marron paste are combined with apple preserves (apples that have been boiled so that the fruit remains intact). The topping is made of sweet chestnuts and marron cream, and you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of the refined sweetness of chestnuts and the moderate sourness of apples.

“Freshly baked custard marron apple pie: 520 yen per piece

There is also a special set with two limited edition flavors.

In addition, a “Harvest Set” of two pieces each of the “Freshly Baked Custard Marron Apple Pie” and the “Freshly Baked Custard Annona Imo Apple Pie” will also be available. Why don’t you take this opportunity to compare the two flavors of autumn, chestnut and sweet potato apple pie?

“Harvest Set (set of 4): 1,996 yen


Freshly Baked Custard Marron Apple Pie
【Sales Period】 Nov.5 (Fri) – Jan 11 (Tue), 2021 *Sales end as soon as we run out.
【Price】 520 yen
【Store】 RINGO All domestic stores
【Store in Osaka】 Lucua Osaka

Harvest Set (set of 4)
【Sales Period】 Nov 5 (Fri) – Dec. 7 (Tue), 2021 *Sales end as soon as we run out.
【Price】 1,996 yen (2 freshly baked custard marron apple pies, 2 freshly baked custard annaimo apple pies)
【Store】 RINGO All domestic stores