“The Haniwa Pudding Adult Halloween Set is now on sale!


Halloween limited edition set from Haniwa Pudding, a famous sweet from Sakai, Osaka. It is available in limited quantities at Namba Marui and other stores.

“Haniwa Pudding” Halloween Ver. 1 set, 1,620 yen

“Halloween for Adults” Set

“The “Haniwa Pudding” is popular for its “Haniwa” motif mug, smooth texture, and gentle sweetness. For the Halloween season of 2021, a limited edition set with the theme of “Adult Halloween” will be available.

The Halloween limited “Haniwa Pudding” set is a combination of two flavors. The “Cheese Pudding with Red Wine Sauce” is a mellow cheese pudding topped with sweet and sour raspberry sauce made with Osaka’s Asuka red wine, and the “Pumpkin Pudding” is flavored with pumpkin.

Limited edition mug in black and new burgundy color

The Halloween limited edition “Haniwa” mugs come in two colors. You can get a black mug with a dark impression, and a new burgundy mug made of red clay. Even after you have finished eating, the mugs can be used as interior objects to add to the Halloween atmosphere.


Haniwa Pudding Halloween Ver.

【Release Date】 Oct. 1 (Fri), 2021 *Limited to 1000 sets
【Place】 Namba Marui Store (3-8-9 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka)
【Price】 1620 yen / set