The “Marugoto (Whole) Neko (Cat) Festival” will be held at the Hanshin Umeda main store in Osaka, selling “Dayan the Cat” bags, rings with sparkling eyes, and other items.

“Marugoto Neko (Whole cat) Festival 2022,” a gathering of cat goods, will be held at the Hanshin Umeda main store in Osaka. The period is from April 20 (Wed.) to April 25 (Mon.), 2022.

Cat goods and art by about 60 groups

The “Marugoto Neko Festival” is a popular event at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store that brings together a variety of cat goods, and for the first time in three years, “Marugoto Neko Festival 2022” will feature a large collection of cat goods and artwork by about 60 artists and specialty stores, including some popular overseas artists.

Cat no Dayan” bags and other fashion goods

Among them, fashion goods with cat motifs are the most noteworthy. These include a tote bag decorated with “Dayan the Cat,” a masterpiece by picture book author Akiko Ikeda, a “real cat brooch” by COTA9 that realistically expresses even the fur of cats, and a “tsundere face cat ring” by flowstar with beautiful sparkling eyes.

Also check out the goods by cat artists making their first appearance at the “Marugoto Neko Festival”: “Violin Cat Embroidered Pouch,” a flower-patterned pouch by KEORA KEORA, with a cute image of a cat playing the violin.

Atelier Rigitta offers “key claw damaged T-shirts” with pockets, and more than 60 different “cat embroidery patches” that can be customized to your own taste.

Art, including valuable original drawings and three-dimensional works

Genuine cat lovers will be able to get their hands on artwork by cat artists. On display will be original paintings of “Suama 2022” by Arisa Fukushima, whose vivid colors and delicate brushwork are impressive, and “Surfing Kintaro,” a three-dimensional ceramic artwork by Nekologic Arts.


Marugoto Cat Festival 2022

【Event Period】 April 20 (Wed) – 25 (Mon),2022 Last day until 17:00
【Location】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 8th floor
【Address】 1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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