The Mask of Sailor Moon Eternal is now available for reservation!

Premium Bandai, the official online shopping site of the Bandai Namco Group (, has started accepting pre-orders for the adult rhinestone 3D cloth mask “CHARA-MASK The Movie ‘Sailor Moon Eternal'” (1 type, 2,200 yen including tax and shipping and handling) from the movie version of “Sailor Moon Eternal. Sailor Moon Eternal” (total 1 kind, 2,200 yen including tax, shipping and handling not included) is available for pre-order from 13:00 on Monday, June 14, 2021.

3D Mask for Adults Designed for the Movie Version of “Sailor Moon Eternal”

This is a set of adult 3D masks designed for the movie version of “Sailor Moon Eternal”. Under the complete supervision of Naoko Takeuchi, the author of the original story, the mask is printed with items from the story and finished with glittering rhinestones to create a cute design for adults.

CHARA-MASK, made by a long-established mask manufacturer, has a special filter built into the mask that is antibacterial and odor-resistant, and can be washed for repeated use. The material is a mesh material that reduces dampness when worn for long periods of time. It is designed to fit the face with a comfortable three-dimensional structure that is easy to breathe in and comfortable to wear all the time. The size of the mask is approximately W100mm x H130mm, which is slightly wider than the rest of the mask, and can be used to protect the cheek area.


CHARA-MASK The Movie “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Eternal”

【Reservation Period】 June 14 (Mon), 2021, 1:00 p.m. – Ends when the prepared number is reached
【Product Delivery】 To be determined in October 2021
【Price】 2,200 yen (tax included) (shipping and handling not included)
【Store】 NAMCO BANDAI Group official mail order site PREMIUM BANDAI