The movie version of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” will be released in early summer 2023 in two consecutive parts, Part 1 and Part 2!

The new movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” depicts the final chapter of the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” series, the “Shadow Galactica Arc”.

In the “Shadow Galactica Arc,” Sailor Moon and her friends are targeted one after another, and Sailor Moon and her friends are once again in battle. Facing the most powerful enemy of all, they are almost overcome by loneliness, but they accept their destiny and move forward. Expectations are high for the final story of the strong and beautiful Sailor warriors, who face their own mission while struggling with what they are fighting for.

30th anniversary of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” serialization

Naoko Takeuchi’s popular manga “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” was serialized in Kodansha’s shoujo manga magazine “Nakayoshi” from 1991 to 1997, and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” has been overwhelmingly popular since its serialization, with its story of love and justice in which girls are guided by fate to transform into gorgeous Sailor Senshi and fight, and its cute and pop visuals. The series has sold a total of 46 million copies worldwide, both print and electronic, and an animated TV series began in 1992, which was broadcast in Japan and more than 40 countries after it ended in 1997.

Also in 2012, the “Sailor Moon” project was re-launched, driven by fans’ voices. Collaborations with cosmetics and brands and events were held. In 2021, the first movie in 25 years, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” Part 1 and Part 2 were released. The first and second parts of the movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” were shown in 2021.

From “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the movie


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie Part 1 / Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie Part 2

【Publication date】 In early summer of 2023, two works will be released in succession.
【Animation Production】 Toei Animation/Studio Deen