The new Beverage “Sakura Cassis Strawberry Frappuccino”, which expresses the fantastic night cherry blossoms with cassis and cherry blossoms from Starbucks, is on sale from today!


From Starbucks, the second limited drink “Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino” of the spring limited “SAKURA Series 2022” has appeared. It is on sale at stores nationwide from today.

“Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino”

Starbucks Spring Limited Beverage 2nd “Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino”

Since 2002, Starbucks has been developing products that allow you to enjoy various shapes of cherry blossoms as the “SAKURA series” every year. This time, as the second installment following the first installment “Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino”, “Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino” will be added to the menu lineup, which is based on the image of the fantastic night cherry blossoms lit up.

Expressing fantastic night cherry blossoms with cassis and cherry blossoms

For the base Frappuccino, blend the sauce with white balls, milk, cherry blossom powder and strawberry juice with ice, and then mix the sweet and sour cassis sauce as a whole. If you add whipped cream, strawberry shave chocolate, and raw Yatsuhashi with a moist texture to the finish, you will have a cup full of taste that expresses the scenery of cherry blossoms at night, which is unique to Japan.

In addition, the second limited edition goods of the “SAKURA Series 2022”, which expresses the cherry blossoms in full bloom based on pink, will be released in advance at the official online store from February 22 (Tuesday).


“Sakura Cassis Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino”

【Release Date】 Feb. 22 (Tue), 2022
【Price】 [For To-Go] Tall 668 yen, [For here] 680 yen
【Store】 Starbucks stores nationwide (excluding some stores)

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