The popular “Stationery Women’s Expo petit Osaka 2021” will be held for three days starting tomorrow!

The “Stationery Women’s Expo Petit Osaka 2021,” one of Japan’s largest stationery festivals where you can see, touch and buy stationery, will be held at Kantere Ogimachi Square from March 26 to 28.

* The “Stationery Women’s Expo Petit Osaka 2021” will be held for the second time in Osaka, and in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, admission will be limited to a limited number of people.

Highlights of the Women’s Stationery Expo Petit Osaka 2021

(1) “Petite” but not to be underestimated! 72 stationery manufacturers will open stalls!

Seventy-two vendors, including popular manufacturers and artists such as Kokuyo and Midori, will gather at the Stationery Girls Expo. Recommended products for “stationery girls” will be on sale.

(2) Original goods based on the theme of “Tokimeki no Stationery Journeys” will be on display!

There will be stationery with a “travel” motif, notebooks with a passport-like design, and other limited-edition products inspired by the theme of this year’s Women’s Stationery Expo, “Tokimeki (Agitated mind) no Stationery Journeys.

3) First time for the Stationery Women’s Expo! “Friday Night” will be held!

They will held first “Friday Night” event for the customers who want to stop by on their way home from work on weekdays, Not only will the number of visitors be greatly limited, but the shopping time will be set at a generous 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can enjoy shopping at your leisure! In addition, only Friday Night visitors will receive an original thermo tumbler (Right picture) from the Stationery Women’s Expo!


Stationery Women’s Expo petit Osaka 2021

【Date & Time】 Mar 26 (Fri) – 28 (Sun), 2021
Part 1: 09:00 admission starts until 10:45 (Last admission at 10:15)
Part 2: 11:15 admission starts until 13:00 (Last admission at 12:30)
Part 3: 13:30 admission starts until 15:15 (Last admission at 14:45)
Part 4: 15:45 admission starts until 17:30 (Last admission at 17:00)
* Capacity change system for each session
*Admission tickets must be purchased in advance at Lawson Ticket.
*In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, each part will have a limited number of visitors.
*Tickets will be sold as soon as capacity is reached.

【Admission Fee】 690 yen (Tax included)
【Place】 Kantele Ogimachi Square
【Address】 2-1-7 Ogimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City

<About Friday Nigh>
【Date & Time】 Mar 28 (Fri), 2021 18:00 – 20:30 (Last admission at 20:00)
【Admission Fee】 2,200 yen (Tax included)
*An original thermo tumbler will be included for Friday Night visitors only!
You can get it at the venue on the day.

Feature item of the day

If you can’t make it to the Expo, how about this? It’s a very nice set of masking tape with a Japanese pattern.

Masking Tapes for Different Seasons and Uses Japanese Pattern Set

1,300 yen