The “Princess Afternoon Tea” will be held at the wedding venue, where you can customize the color of your choice.


The “Princess Afternoon Tea – My Best Color Valentine’s Day” will be held at Art Grace Wedding Coast in Osaka from January 8 (Sat) to February 27 (Sun), 2022.

The “Princess Afternoon Tea” is a Valentine’s Day version of the “Princess Afternoon Tea” where you can choose your favorite color.

The “Princess Afternoon Tea”, a new type of afternoon tea that can be customized with the color of your choice, is now available in a Valentine’s Day version. In addition to red, pink, blue, yellow, and other colors, orange and white are newly added for a total of 10 colors to choose from. There are sweets that can be enjoyed by changing the color to your favorite “favorite color” and chocolate sweets unique to Valentine’s Day.

The highlight of Afternoon Tea is the “Guess What Color Princess Dress Cake,” which is inspired by a princess. The dress worn by the princess can be customized in the color of your choice. The dress is adorably decorated with a heart pattern, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The three-tiered mini sweets stand features chocolate sweets such as eclairs with the word “LOVE” on them, chocolates with a heel motif, and chocolate rolls with tiaras. The heart-shaped cookie with the center hollowed out can be held up to your “guess” goods and photographed.

The savory menu includes sandwich rolls and the chef’s special soup. Tea and coffee, which enhance the taste of the sweets, are offered as free drinks. Why not spend an elegant time with sweets colored in your favorite color?


Princess Afternoon Tea – My Best Color Valentine’s Day

【Event Schedule】 Jan 8 (Sat) – Feb 27 (Sun), 2022 *Thu-Sunday
*Dates may vary depending on the schedule.
【Hour】 Thu, Fri 12:30- / 14:30- / 16:30- | Sat, Sun 11:00- / 13:00- / 15:00-
【Price】 4,500 yen
*Dress Cake only 2,000 yen. Hachette desserts and drinks only.
*Service charge included.
*Payment is accepted in cash or via PayPay.
【Place】 Art Grace Wedding Coast
【Address】 2-8-1, Minami-Minatokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Reservation】 06-6569-5537 or Online