The reflection of light creates a three-dimensional effect! A limited edition of AYURA’s popular UV gel has just gone on sale!

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting warmer for walking, but are you taking UV protection?
Ayura’s most popular UV gel, Ayura Water Feel UV Gel α, is now available in a limited edition! Ayura Water Feel UV Gel α Prism, which creates a three-dimensional effect by reflecting light, went on sale on April 1 (Thu).

Add light reflecting effects and skin firming ingredients.

Ayura Waterfeel UV Gel Alpha is a popular item that offers high protection against ultraviolet rays and environmental stress, while feeling fresh and comfortable to use. This time, in response to the needs of people who want to have a clean and attractive body and face, Ayura has launched Ayura Water Feel UV Gel α Prism, which is a sunscreen with an attractive effect, a light reflecting effect, and skin firming ingredients. The new product will be available for purchase in Japan.

The contrast of the light makes for a sleek “slim look.”

Ayura Water Feel UV Gel Alpha Prism is a UV gel that uses light contrast to make your face and body look refreshed and attractive (*), just like a reflector.

The lavender color creates a sense of transparency (*), and the five pearl colors that change in color depending on the angle create a beautiful, three-dimensional, “slim-looking (*)” skin.

It also contains passion fruit extract, a moisturizing ingredient, to improve the skin’s condition and give it a more toned appearance.

Blocks both UV rays and external stimuli at the same time.

This product blocks air pollutants such as blue light, PM2.5, and pollen from adhering to the skin, and also has a high level of UV protection with SPF50+ and PA++++. It is also water-proof and resistant to sweat, sebum, and water.

In addition, the moisturizing gel formula makes your skin feel fresh and comfortable, and the smooth and silky powder keeps your skin smooth and comfortable.

The scent is a fresh and clean aromatic herbal scent of rosemary and bergamot.

In addition, there is no alcohol, mineral oil, or preservatives (parabens) added, and no synthetic colorants. No special cleanser is needed.

Why not take this opportunity to try Ayura Water Feel UV Gel Alpha Prism, which will help you achieve both “clean and beautiful” skin.


Ayura Water Feel UV Gel Alpha Prism

【Release Date】 Apr 1 (Thu), 2021
【Price】 3,080 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Online Store, Daimaru Umeda 2F Cosmetics Sales Floor, Hanshin Umeda Main Store 2F Cosmetics Sales Floor, Namba Marui Store, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Tower Tower Building 2F Cosmetics Sales Floor,