The second Starbucks “SAKURA series” limited goods will be on sale at the online store in advance today!

From Starbucks, the second limited edition goods for the spring limited “SAKURA Series 2022” are now available! It will be released in advance at online stores from today, and will be on sale at stores nationwide from 24th.

The second limited edition Starbucks “SAKURA Series 2022”

Since 2002, Starbucks has been developing products that allow you to enjoy various shapes of cherry blossoms as the “SAKURA series” every year. Following the first bullet that expresses the beauty and fragility of cherry blossoms, this second bullet will feature a variety of items that express the cherry blossoms in full bloom, based on pink.

Sakura pink tumbler and mug that express the cherry blossoms in full bloom

For example, “Handy Stainless Bottle Suite 400ml” is a stainless steel bottle with various kinds of pink cherry blossoms drawn on a pink day that makes you feel gorgeous. A part of the cherry blossoms has a dot pattern with an accent, making it a symbolic item for the second edition.

In addition, the “Stainless TOGO Logo Tumbler Falling Petal 355ml”, which is a tumbler with a Starbucks cup as a motif and is colored with cherry blossoms in full bloom, and a cherry-shaped mug shaped like five petals with cherry blossoms of various expressions drawn on it. A wide variety of goods are available, such as “Mug Glitter Petal 296ml” and “Beverage Card Suite”, a message card with a drink voucher with an impressive cherry blossom petal shape.


Starbucks “SAKURA Series 2022” Limited Goods 2nd

【Release Date】 Online Store from Feb. 22 (Tue), 2022 / Store from Feb. 24 (Thu), 2022
【Store】 Online Store and Starbucks nationwide

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