The shaved ice and Mont Blanc specialty store “Yamato Ice” opened in Minoh, Osaka on August 23, 2021 (Monday).


The shaved ice and Mont Blanc specialty store “Yama to Kori (Mountain & Ice)” opened in Minoh, Osaka on August 23, 2021 (Monday).

Shaved ice and Mont Blanc” produced by a popular local confectionery store

“Yamato Ice is a specialty store specializing in shaved ice and Mont Blanc made by professional patissiers. It is produced by “Chez Nakatsuka,” a confectionary store with three stores in Senri-Chuo and Esaka stations in Osaka. Chez Nakatsuka, which has been offering mainly Western-style confectionaries that are carefully made one by one, will offer shaved ice and Mont-Blanc based on its experience in Western-style confectionaries with the aim of offering a “special time”.

Shaved ice made with special ice and homemade syrup.

The shaved ice, the signature menu item, is a twist on a hidden favorite of Chez Nakatsuka’s main restaurant. The shaved ice is made from carefully shaved ice with the surface temperature as close to zero as possible, and is combined with homemade syrups and toppings. In addition to the strawberry flavored “Two kinds of strawberry syrup and homemade condensed milk sauce” and “Matcha green tea from Uji Wazuka town and homemade brown sugar bracken rice cake,” the seasonal “Rich mango and coconut sauce” will be available at the opening.

Rare Japanese chestnut “Mont Blanc” from Kumamoto.

The other signature item on the menu, Mont Blanc, is made from rare Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto. By using an original squeezer to squeeze the chestnuts into a delicate thread shape, the flavor of the chestnuts is preserved and the smoothness of the texture is achieved. The menu includes “Japanese chestnuts and wasanbon meringue from Kumamoto” and “Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc soft serve ice cream,” which is only available for takeout.


Shaved ice and Mont Blanc specialty store, Yama to Kori

【Opening Date】 Aug 23 (Mon), 2021
【Address】 6-2-12 Onohara-Nishi, Minoh City, Osaka, Japan Commodity Post I 1F
【Hour】 11:00 – 18:00
【Regular Holiday】 Thursday
【Phone】 072-743-9080