The shaved ice season has arrived! Be happy and chilled with Japanese shaved ice!


Summer-only shaved ice from Kyo Hayashiya. It will be available at Kyo Hayashiya affiliated stores from May 1, 2023 (Monday).

Kyoto Hayashiya’s summer limited fluffy shaved ice

Kyo Hayashiya’s summer-only shaved ice is the most popular every year, Uji ice. Enjoy the combination of shaved ice syrup made with Uji matcha and fluffy ice that gently melts in your mouth. Topped with red bean paste cooked with adzuki beans from Tokachi, homemade shiratama dumplings, matcha jelly, and matcha ice cream, it is a dish full of matcha.

Uji ice 1,595 yen

Fragrant hojicha shaved ice

Also pay attention to the “Hojicha ice”, which has the unique aroma of Hojicha. The specially made Hojicha syrup made with Hojicha “Asa Kaori” goes perfectly with the cold shaved ice. Serve with shiratama and hojicha ice cream, and prepare hojicha syrup separately.

Roasted tea ice 1,540 yen

Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei Limited “Japanese mont blanc ice matcha”

In addition, Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei’s new limited edition “Wamon Blanc (Japanese mont blanc) Ice Matcha” will also appear. A special Mont Blanc cream mixed with Japanese chestnut paste, white bean paste, and Uji matcha is squeezed onto shaved ice to create a Mont Blanc-like appearance. A special matcha ice cream is hidden in the shaved ice, and you can enjoy the taste of Uji matcha with the smooth Mont Blanc cream.

Japanese mont blanc ice matcha 1,980 yen


Kyo Hayashiya shaved ice
【Release Date】 May 1, 2023 (Monday)
【Store】 Kyo Hayashiya (Takashimaya Times Square store, Seibu Ikebukuro store, Sogo Omiya store, Sogo Yokohama store)
【Official Website】
【Menu & Price】
・Uji ice 1,595yen
・Roasted tea ice 1,540 yen
・Koyuki matcha ice cream 1,595 yen

■ Hibiya Hayashiya Shinbei
・Japanese mont blanc ice matcha 1,980 yen
・Uji ice 1,650yen
・Kaga ice 1,650 yen
・Koyuki matcha 1,650 yen