The St. Regis Hotel, Osaka, is now offering a “social” strawberry afternoon tea featuring chess board plates and Hanafuda cocktails for a limited time only!


The St. Regis Hotel Osaka will hold “St. Regis Afternoon Tea with Strawberries,” a “social” style afternoon tea in which strawberries will take center stage. The event will run from Friday, December 26, 2022 to Sunday, May 7, 2023.

St. Regis Hotel Osaka’s “Strawberry” Afternoon Tea

St. Regis Hotel Osaka presents “St. Regis Afternoon Tea with Strawberries,” where strawberries take center stage.

The tea stand looks like a Rubik’s cube, and plates resembling a chessboard & pieces are decorated with sweets and savories made from seasonal strawberries. You can enjoy afternoon tea in an elegant and playful worldview as if you were at a social gathering.

Bright red cube-shaped strawberry sweets

Six types of bright red cube-shaped sweets are regularly lined up on the stylish tea stand.

The lineup includes “Strawberry Poire Mousse,” a pear and strawberry mousse accented with sweet and spicy herbs, tiramisu with mascarpone cream with strawberry puree and rich strawberry sauce, and “Strawberry Lamingtons,” a sponge soaked in strawberry syrup and coated with coconut. Strawberry Lamington,” a sponge soaked in strawberry syrup and coated with coconut, and many other unique sweets using the season’s strawberries to the fullest.

Chess board with real savory

The chessboard features a colorful selection of savories that resemble “pieces” on the board. The “Strawberry and Mortadella Sandwich,” a sandwich of sweet and sour strawberry jam and a moderately salted mortadella, and the “Salmon and Salmon Roe Tart,” with the bursting texture of salmon roe and the rich flavor of salmon with sour cream as an accent, are four authentic savories that are perfect for a quick snack. The lineup includes four authentic savories perfect for a palate cleanser.

The menu also includes scones that resemble dice, fresh strawberries, and a welcome drink called “Strawberry Tea Punch,” which expresses the colors of playing cards with strawberries and blueberries.

Monthly “Hanafuda” cocktails also available

Also, from Monday, December 26, 2022 through Sunday, May 7, 2023, a monthly strawberry cocktail themed on “Hanafuda” will be available. Each month’s cocktail will be inspired by the Tsuki-fuda, using the best variety of strawberries in season for that month.

January’s cocktail is a gorgeous strawberry cocktail appropriate for the New Year, inspired by the symbol of longevity, the crane, and the auspicious pine tree, in reference to the “pine tree and crane” on the Tsuki-fuda (Japanese playing cards).


St. Regis Afternoon Tea with Strawberries

【Sales Period】 Monday, December 26, 2022 – Sunday, May 7, 2023
【Hour】12:00~/12:15~/12:30~/14:30~/14:45~/15:00~*2 hours (90 minutes last order)
【Price】 7,200 yen per person (including service charge)
【Restaurant】 St. Regis Hotel Osaka St. Regis Bar 12F
【Address】 3-6-12, Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
【Reservation】 06-6105-5659(10:00~19:00) or Online
【Official Website】