The “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” has started at the Imperial Hotel Osaka!


The Imperial Hotel Osaka will hold a “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” from January 8 (Sat.) to March 31 (Thu.), 2022.

Strawberry Sweets Buffet” with a wide variety of strawberry sweets

The “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” offers a total of 35 kinds of sweets and food in a buffet style. The focus of the buffet is on sweets that use lavish amounts of strawberries that are in season.

In addition to the “3 kinds of strawberries eating contest,” which allows you to compare the taste of strawberries themselves, there are a variety of cakes such as tarts, cheesecakes, and Mont Blanc, as well as danishes, to fully enjoy the taste of strawberries. In addition, the Imperial Hotel’s traditional strawberry shortcake and millefeuille chocolat chafing dish, which were popular in the past, will also be available.

In addition to the strawberry sweets, there are 10 other sweets that originated in Europe, such as Canelé de Bordeaux and waffles. You can also enjoy as much food as you want from a total of eight types, including shrimp fried sandwiches and salads.


Strawberry Sweets Buffet: A Feast of Traditional European Sweets

【Sales Period】 Jan 8 (Sat) – Mar 31 (Thu), 2022
【Hour】 Weekdays 14:00 – 17:00, Soil Day (2-part system) 11:30 – 14:30 / 14:00 – 17:00
【Price】 Adults 6,000 yen, children (4-12 years old) 3,000 yen
*Preferential rates for Internet reservations only: Adults 5,520 yen, Children 2,760 yen
*Includes soft drinks. Service charge included.
【Place】 Imperial Hotel Osaka Buffet & Lounge “The Park” (1F)
【Address】 1-8-50, Tenmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservation】 Online or Phone (06-6881-4888)