The time is money! Udon can now be eaten with one hand with TO-GO!


Sanuki udon specialty store “Marugame Seimen” will sell the first-ever “Shake Udon” “Marugame Shake Udon” at Marugame Seimen nationwide from May 16, 2023 (Tuesday).

Marugame Seimen’s First “Shake Udon” Appears

“Marugame Shake Udon” is a new menu that was born out of the desire to realize a more impressive To-G0. The cup, which can be held with one hand, contains a normal-sized bowl of udon noodles and ingredients. The affordable price range, starting at 390 yen, is also attractive.

Left) “Menta Tororo Udon” 390 yen. Right) “Sesame salad udon” 590 yen Salad leaf, sesame dressing, normal bukkake udon (cold)

There are 5 types available, including “Menta tororo”

There are 5 types in the lineup. “Ume Oroshi Udon” is a combination of sour Ume and fresh grated daikon radish that goes down smoothly with water. And the spiciness of chili oil whets the appetite, such as “Spicy Tantan Udon”.

In addition, it is the first time in the history of Marugame Seimen that salad udon can be taken home. We offer a refreshing “sesame sauce” and an addictive “spicy tantan” with the spiciness of tantan meat miso and chili oil.

All udon noodles are freshly made and boiled

The udon used in Marugame Shake Udon is freshly made and boiled after being ordered. It has a smooth texture and goes down well, and the moment you chew it, you can enjoy a pleasant chewiness.

In addition, the artwork drawn by Yu Nagaba, a popular artist, is used for the cup.


“Marugame Shake Udon”
【Release Date】 Tuesday, May 16, 2023
【Menu & Price】
“Plum oroshi udon” 390 yen
“Menta Toro Udon” 390 yen
“Spicy Tantan Udon” 490 yen
“Sesame salad udon” 590 yen
“Spicy Tantan Salad Udon” 740 yen
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