The Valentine’s Day Collection, created in collaboration between GODIVA and Disney Stores, goes on sale tomorrow!

As soon as we welcome the New Year…here’s some information about Valentine’s Day.
The “Valentine Collection”, a joint project between GODIVA and Disney Store, will go on sale at Disney Store stores nationwide and other locations from January 2 (Sun.), 2022.

Valentine’s Day Sweets and Goods from Godiva and Disney Store

Godiva and the Disney Store have teamed up to bring you “Mickey Mouse” designed limited edition Valentine’s Day sweets and goods. Mickey Mouse, a popular character, is dressed up in a hat with a chocolate pattern on it, inviting you into the world of chocolate for adults.

The main attraction is the “Grand-Place (12 pieces)” filled with delicious chocolates. The box with drawers is lined with bonbon chocolates of various flavors, just like a jewelry box. There are also special chocolates inside that are only available at the Disney Store, inspired by Mickey’s colors. When you open the drawer, you will find a Mickey-packaged plate of “Carres Milk Crispy Crunch” chocolates.

Grand-Place (12 pieces) 4,536 yen

The “G-Cube Assortment Mini Heart Tins (5 pieces),” featuring heart-shaped Mickey art tins, are set with candy-shaped “G-Cubes” chocolates. There are several flavors to choose from, including milk hazelnut, dark vanilla, and milk-sorted caramel, so you can enjoy them while comparing tastes.

G-Cube assortment mini heart tins (5 pieces): 1,404 yen

In addition to sweets, there is also a lineup of miscellaneous goods and accessories such as mobile rings and tote bags designed with Godiva’s chocolate “Carres”. These special Valentine’s Day goods, available only at the Disney Store, make great gifts for your loved ones.

Hershey’s chocolate with a “Toy Story” design.

In addition to the joint products with Godiva, the Disney Store is also releasing new Kissing Chocolate Cookies & Cream designed by “Toy Story” in collaboration with HERSHEY’S.

Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate Cookies & Cream 540 yen / Baked chocolate in a can 1,296 yen

From the popular “Tsum Tsum” series, plush sets of Donald & Daisy and Pooh & Piglet dressed in chocolate-covered outfits will be available.


Disney Store “Valentine Selection

■ Godiva joint project products
【Release Date】 Jan 2 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 Disney Store stores nationwide and the official Disney online store, Shop Disney

■ Hershey joint project products
【Release Date】 To be released sequentially from December 24, 2021 (Friday)