There is no doubt that it will be a souvenir that will make you and the person who received it happy! Get Japan-exclusive lip care items now!

From Revlon’s popular lip balm “Revlon Kiss Sugar Scrub” comes a package of the world of Pokemon “Pokepiece”. Limited quantity available from March 22, 2023 (Wednesday)!

*Sales in Japan only

“Pokepiece” “REVLON Kiss Sugar Scrub”

“REVLON Kiss Sugar Scrub” is a popular lip care item that can easily exfoliate and moisturize. A sugar scrub that does not require rinsing gently cares for dead skin cells on the lips, while 3 types of fruit oils protect against dryness. Not only can it be used as a lip base, but it is also recommended as a “night pack” before going to bed.

Revlon Kiss Sugar Scrub #181 880yen [Limited Quantity]

Design Pokemon such as Pikachu and Piplup

From such “Lebron Kiss Sugar Scrub”, a Japan-only package designed with “Pokepiece”, the world of Pokemon living in a small town, has appeared. Pikachu, Piplup, Scorbunny, Rowlet, Espurr, Pichu, and Milcery, who spend their time leisurely in a share house, have captured the “peace” life.

Revlon Kiss Sugar Scrub #182 880yen[Limited Quantity]

There are 4 variations: 2 types of sugar mint scent, 1 type of refreshing sweet mint, and 1 type of sweet and gentle sweet yuzu. A lip balm designed with cute Pokémon will lead your lip care time to a healing time.

Revlon Kiss Sugar Scrub #183 880 yen [Limited Quantity]


“REVLON Kiss Sugar Scrub” Limited 4 colors (1 online limited edition) 880 yen each

【Release Date】 Wednesday, March 22, 2023
【Store】 Drugstores, mass retailers, and online stores nationwide
【Official Website】