There’s also a huge collection of strawberry sweets at Famima!


Famima’s Strawberry Harvest Festival” will be held at FamilyMart stores nationwide from Tuesday, January 11, 2022 to Monday, January 24, 2022. A total of 18 kinds of strawberry sweets will be sold.

18 kinds of strawberry sweets gathered! Famima’s Strawberry Harvest Festival

In 2021, “Famima’s Strawberry Harvest Festival” will be held at approximately 16,600 FamilyMart stores nationwide. A total of 18 kinds of original products, including desserts, breads, drinks and ice cream, will be available using seasonal strawberries, including the king of strawberries, “Amao Strawberries.

Limited-edition “Amao Strawberry” Sweets

Butter Biscuit Sandwiches with Strawberries

The focus is on the limited strawberry flavor of the popular “Butter Biscuit Sandwich,” which has sold over 20 million servings. It is a luxurious treat with a smooth strawberry butter cheese cream sandwiched between a fluffy cookie made with fermented butter. As soon as you take a bite, the sauce made from strawberries overflows from inside.

Butter Biscuit Sandwiches – Amao Strawberries – 248 yen

Amao Strawberry Baumkuchen

The lineup also includes “Amao Strawberry Baumkuchen” with Amao strawberry jam kneaded into the dough. It is topped with white chocolate and freeze-dried strawberries to accentuate the flavor.

Sweets and ice cream using “strawberries in season

Fluffy cake omelet with strawberry

The “Fluffy Cake Omelet Strawberry” has the taste of a real shortcake. The fluffy dough is filled with cream blended with fresh Hokkaido cream and strawberry custard cream, and topped with juicy strawberries.

Strawberry Milk Ice-cream bar

As for the ice cream, there will be “Waffle Cone Tochiotome,” which offers a marriage of strawberry ice cream made with domestic Tochiotome juice and a savory sugar cone, and “Strawberry Milk Ice Bar,” a bar ice cream with plenty of “large cut” strawberry pulp.


Family Mart’s Strawberry Harvest Festival

【Sales Period】 Jan. 11 (Tue) – 24 (Mon), 2021
【Store】 Approximately 16,600 FamilyMart stores nationwide