There’s something special about eating ice cream in winter! Hanshin Umeda Main Store will be holding a winter ice cream event!


“Hanshin Ice Cream Holic”, a winter ice cream event, will be held at Hanshin Umeda Main Store from December 15 (Wed) to December 21 (Tue), 2021.

Hanshin Umeda Main Store’s Winter Ice Cream Event “Hanshin Ice Cream Holic”

Hanshin Ice Cream Holic” is a gourmet event specializing in ice cream, which is addictive once you try it. Iceman Fukudome, an ice cream critic well versed in all kinds of ice cream, has carefully selected six stores from all over Japan to sell their signature ice cream.

Enjoy the taste of Miyakojima’s ingredients “Ricco Gelato/Okinawa Prefecture”.

For example, “Ricco Gelato/Okinawa Prefecture” from Miyakojima, Okinawa, is a gelato specialty store that makes the most of the delicious ingredients produced by the rich nature of Miyakojima. You can enjoy a variety of flavors of gelato using ingredients from Miyako Island, such as mango, shiksa, Miyako strawberries, purple sweet potatoes, and awamori.

Ice Bistro Hirai, a bistro where ice cream is the star of the show / Kagawa Prefecture

The Ice Bistro Hirai in Kagawa Prefecture, which just opened in 2019, is an ice cream store with the concept of “a bistro where ice cream takes center stage. The “Premium Milk Soft”, which uses milk with the richness and rich taste of fresh cream, is a rich soft-serve ice cream that offers an unprecedented “richness”.

Popular “Kikyo Shingen Soft+” and Karuizawa’s “Legendary Vanilla” are also available.

Other unique ice cream shops include Karuizawa Cafe de Minorya (Nagano Prefecture), which serves the “legendary vanilla,” the first soft-serve ice cream in Karuizawa that caused a boom in 1955, and Kikyo-ya (Yamanashi Prefecture), which is popular for its Kikyo Shingen Soft+, which is usually hard to find outside of Yamanashi Prefecture. The event will feature a variety of unique ice cream stores.


“HANSHIN ICECREAM HOLIC” at Hanshin Umeda Main Store

【Event Period】 Dec. 15 (Wed) – 21 (Tue), 2021
【Hour】 10:00 – 20:00
【Place】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store 1F Shokusai Terrace
【Address】 13-13, Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Admission Fee】 Free