This month, “Neko Neko Shokupan” is releasing a cat-shaped “marble” shokupan in Mont Blanc and Hojicha!


*Neko = Cat, Hojicha=Roasted Green Tea, Shokupan=Bread

Neko Neko Shokupan, a specialty bakery specializing in high quality shokuban, has released a limited time flavor, “Neko Neko Shokupan Mont Blanc and Hojicha”, which will be available at Neko Neko Shokupan stores nationwide from November 1 (Mon.) to November 30 (Tue.), 2021.

Cute “Cat-Shaped” High Quality Bread

Nekoneko Shokupan is an upscale bakery specializing in bread with a cute cat shape. The milk-filled dough is popular for its rich milky and gentle sweet taste. It is also easy to arrange the bread at home by drawing a face on it with a chocolate pen, decorating it, and so on.

Mont Blanc and Hojicha “Marble” Bread

This time, “Mont Blanc and Hojicha” is newly proposed as a limited edition flavor for November. This is an updated version of the “Nekoneko Shokuban Mont Blanc,” which was introduced as a limited edition in 2020. This time, the milk-filled plain dough is combined with marbleized maroon-flavored dough and hojicha dough in a marbleized design.

The hojicha dough is made with hojicha powder from Myokoen, a long-established tea manufacturer in Nagoya, and mellow white chocolate is added. On the other hand, the marron flavored dough is enriched with sweet chestnuts in syrup.

The use of Japanese ingredients makes it a perfect match with warm Japanese tea. Try it not only for breakfast, but also for tea time.


Neko Neko Shokupan – Mont Blanc and Hojicha 1 piece, 842 yen

【Sales Period】 Nov 1 (Mon) – 30 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 Stores selling Nekoneko Shokuban throughout Japan
【Store in Osaka】 AEON MALL RINKU Sennan, AEON MALL Shijonawate, AEON MALL Dainichi, AEON MALL Sakai Teppo-cho, Abeno Q’s Mall (Heart Bread Antique)